Muttuk Kaṇakku: Muttuk Kaṇakkatikāram eṉkiṟa Muttuk Kaṇakku


Muthu V Prakash
French Institute of Pondicherry


pearl, mathematics, sieve, trade, knowledge, vernacular


The Gulf of Mannar was one of the richest pearl regions in the world. The history of pearl fisheries here goes back to 600 BCE, according to some sources. The richness of the pearls in this region was recognized in several foreign notices and reports of government officials. In spite of rich external sources, the available local records and inscriptions are relatively much less and therefore the knowledge about the methodology of pearl fishing followed in this region is sparse and vague. The social history of pearl fishing in this region was extensively analyzed by S. Arunachalam.  But the methodology of valuing pearls was not examined due to the paucity of texts. Muttu Kanakku is the sole text so far available to provide us the table of measurements which seemed to have been in use in the past. The methodology of classifying the pearls, weighing it, and equating the weight to cevvu, a distinct measuring unit used to price quality pearls are given in good detail in this text. The aim of this text is to formulate the table of measuring units of pearl which could have helped the pearl dealers at the market to value the price of pearl.


  • முன்னுரை
  • முத்துக் கணக்கு
    Muttuk kaṇakku
  • முத்துக்கு வகையும் குணமும் அறிவது
    Muttkku vakaiyum kuṇamum aṟivatu
  • முத்துக்கணக்கல்ல
  • முத்து அகவல்
    muttu akaval
  • பொன்னுரையாணிக்கல்ல – ஆணிவகை அகவல்
    Poṉṉuraiyāṇikkalla – Āṇivakai Akaval
  • முத்துக் கணக்கு
    Muttuk kaṇakku


January 3, 2024


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